Version 0.0.10
Version 0.0.9
Version 0.0.8
Version 0.0.7
Version 0.0.6
Version 0.0.5 The following functions are still restricted to real values.
Version 0.0.4
Version 0.0.3 Bugfixes. Added Bessel-, Weber-, confl. hypergeometric-, Hurwitz- and Rieman-Zeta-, Laguerre-, exponential integral- and the dilogarithm functions.
Version 0.0.2 A lot of Bugfixes. Functions to calculate the Levenshtein distance, similarity (Ratcliff/Obershelp), Catalan-, happy and Lucas numbers, logarithm of the Hyperfactorial (positive integer only), logarithm of Barne's G-function (positive integer only), logarithm of the K-function (positive integer only), integer- fractional part, nint (nearest integer), n-th Fibonacci, rot-13 and a couple of other string manipulations usefull for example for statistics, Schwarzschild radius, Wien temperature and -wavelength, circular velocity and some functions around the circular velocity, entropy of a black hole, stellar pressure (hydrodynamic only) and some other astronomical functions, Euler's totient function, coprime, and the optimal size of a bloomfilter and the optimal number of hashfunctions for it.
Version 0.0.1 Initial version published.