Tuesday, the 5th of August 2008 Version 0.0.10 published. Bugfixes. Extendend several functions (gamma, beta, harmonic) to the complex plane.
Thursday, the 8th of July 2008 Version 0.0.9 published. Mostly Bugfixes
Sunday, the 15th of June 2008 Version 0.0.8 published. Minor bugfixes, added a Vector data type for complex vectors plus several vector operations, discrete Fourier transformation for complex 1-d data, combinatorical functions, integer partition, and a conversion between roman and arabic numbers
Thursday, the 29th of May 2008 Version 0.0.7 published. Minor bugfixes, added several functions for matrices
Sunday, the 18th of May 2008 Version 0.0.6 published. Minor bugfixes, added a Matrix data type for complex matrices.
Sunday, the 11th of May 2008 Version 0.0.5 published. Minor bugfixes, added a Complex data type.
Sunday, the 4th of May 2008 Version 0.0.4 published. Major bugfixes, and some 20 new functions added.
Wednesday, the 30th of April 2008 Version 0.0.3 published. Bugfixes, and some 20 new functions added.
Sunday, the 27th of April 2008 Version 0.0.2 published. Bugfixes, Javadoc compliant comments and some 30 new functions have been added. See ChangeLog for all the gory details.
Wednesday, the 16th of April 2008 Initial version published.